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Established in 2007, Strawberry Patch is a brainchild of Ayu Husodo, founder and product designer of this brand. With the aim to create a fabric-based kids design at the beginning, she pours her creativity into products that children -and parents- loves, putting safety on every product as a priority – Strawberry Patch did not use buttons on its soft toys, to avoid choking hazard, for instance-

Along the way, Strawberry Patch working together with local dressmaker to empower women around its workshop in South Jakarta to produce its products. All staffs are women, mostly under privileged ones, with a hope that giving them a sustainable project to do, will enhance opportunity for them to help themselves and their family.

At Strawberry Patch, we make the most of our fabrics. Nothing is wasted. Fabrics pieces are repurposed for small meaningful items, instead of ending its life at bin and adding extra junk on Mother Earth.

With owning a Strawberry Patch’s item, your support goes long way, to the women and their family, to our environment, and to share love of simple -but beautiful- handmade piece.


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